You’re in the snack aisle at the grocery store and you see a wide variety of beef jerky. Do you know what to look for? -Examine the ingredients list and pay attention to preservatives, sugars, and other additives. Avoid products that contain too many ingredients or ones that you can’t pronounce. -Find out how long the product has been processed. The longer it is processed, the more likely that it will contain sugar or other additives. -Look for brands that are handcrafted with natural ingredients and made in small batches. This will ensure quality and freshness.

Quality Over Quantity

When it comes to jerky, quality is the key, a lot depends on the cut of beef used to make jerky. Cheaper brands tend to use less expensive, fattier cuts; this allows for lower price points but at the cost of flavor and texture. High-quality jerky makers like Marks Beef Jerky are made using the very best lean cuts of beef, offering a rich flavorful jerky with the right texture. One of the main reasons jerky cost so much is that typically beef is approximately 60% water weight, so once the meat is smoked and cured, the rest of the beef is drastically less than when you started.


It takes time to do a thing right and jerky is no different. In addition to losing so much weight, jerky is a time-consuming venture. To give you a little picture, it can take three days to make it to the moon, the same amount of time needed to make a small amount of jerky. While most commercial jerky is dehydrated to lower the labor cost of beef jerky, our method uses smoking. Dehydrated jerky results in drier, rougher jerky; unlike dehydration, smoking produces a semi-moist, chewy strip of beef.

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